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Cleaning service Blistavi dom d.o.o. was founded in 2015 in Zadar and since then has recorded continuous growth in all fields. The headquarter of the cleaning service is located in Zadar, and it provides services in the entire Zadar and part of Lika-Senj County. The company currently employs more than 20 people, and through its sister companies offers electrical installation, construction, tourism, and marketing services.

As an innovative and customer oriented company, we advise each client individually. Together, we develop appropriate interests and cleaning intervals. Various service tailored to the specific customer requirements as well as cost-effective solutions for all type of facilities have made us the leading provider of cleaning services in the Zadar county.

Blistavi dom is more than just a cleaning service! Continuous service improvement and our know-how enable us to optimally support our customers. Along with our technical management, we are focusing on the daily management of innovation, development of new business models, quality control and sustainability.

Our cleaning service sets high standards, and our specialists are taking care of accomplishing them. Through maintaining and increasing the value of space, we have provided a number of satisfied customers which is continually increasing. The cleaning service is currently offering services in the are of Zadar and Lika-Senj County, and in the forthcoming period, we plan to expand to other locations as well.



  • Become a leader in our sector - With quality work and consistent investments, we want to become the leading cleaning service in the region.
  • Own line of "green" cleaning products - In the near future we aim to replace all chemical cleaning products with the ecological ones
  • Mobile app - The application will include a number of components that will facilitate the ordering process and the realization of the cleaning service


  • Individual access to every client - Our cleaning services approach every client individually and strives to achieve maximum satisfaction
  • Investing in human resources - Improvement of worker's knowledge as well as in health and safety at work
  • Sustainable development - Taking care of environmental protection and other elements of sustainable development


We want to make the use of cleaning services available to as many customers as possible, with the mutual satisfaction of the quality of delivered services.


Open us the door of your home, apartment or business space! 😊

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Servis za čišćenje Zadarska županija (3)
Servis za čišćenje Zadarska županija (5)
Servis za čišćenje Zadarska županija (7)
Servis za čišćenje Zadarska županija
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