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Intermediate apartments cleaning

Renting private apartments takes a leading role in Croatian tourism. If you are a private renter, it is clear to you that the cleanliness is one of the indicators of quality of private accommodation. The level of cleanliness has a significant effect on the positioning of your accommodation on the market. If you are looking for a clean apartment in Zadar and its surroundings, you are in the right place! 

1Apartments cleaning

Good and quality accommodation and professional service encourage guests to return to your accommodation and to invite their friends, too. That is why the first impression of our guests is always important. After each group of guests, a thorough check of the entire accommodation is required, which sometimes includes a detailed check of dishwashers, disinfection of the bathroom, change of bedding, cleaning of refrigerator and freezer and, if necessary, other kitchen appliances.

On average, it takes about 2-4 hours to clean the 40 square meter apartment in detail. Prior to the first guests, it is necessary to do general cleaning, which includes washing the entire dish, windows and removing the dust. We offer apartment cleaning services in the area of Zadar and its surroundings. We receive new clients by the end of March, and after that, because of the increased volume of work, we are unable to receive new orders.

The price of the cleaning depends on apartment size:

  • Apartment up to 35 m2  - 200 Kn
  • Apartment up to 50 m- 280 Kn
  • Apartment up to 75 m- 380 Kn
  • Apartment up to 90 m- 450 Kn
  • Apartment and Villa up to 160 m2 - 800 Kn

2House and villas cleaning

If you have guest shifts on the same day, you do not have too much time to clean the complete house or villa where a lot of people are often staying. Therefore, the cleaning of the house or villa after the departure of the guests requires more staff and better organization, so everything can be prepared for the arrival of the new guests. 

Houses or villas with 3-4 bedrooms and 3-4 bathrooms usually require about 10 hours of cleaning, sometimes more if it is a modern new building with a large number of glass windows. Usually, the time between the shifts of guests is 4 h and such an object cannot be cleaned in time only by one person if he/she wants the job to be done well.

General cleaning of apartments, villas or holiday homes, which is required before the beginning of the season, is charged 80,00 kunas per hour per cleaner with our materials and equipment. 

With the customers who require cleaning of the villas, we usually negotiate a fixed price which we calculate after visiting their property.

For all locations within 10 km from Zadar, we do not charge transport cost. Otherwise, the cost of the transport is 2,00 kunas per kilometer (first 20 km are included in the price).

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