Couch cleaning Zadar

Couch cleaning, carpet washing, mattress cleaning etc.

Do you want old furniture to restore the original glow and look? You're in the right place!

Our cleaning service provides deep cleaning and washing services for all kinds of furniture: chairs, armchairs, couches (double seat, three-seater, corner set), carpets, mattresses etc.

The deep cleaning and washing process effectively removes deep dust, dirt, mildew, and other impurities from furniture or carpets. 

When washing and cleaning the furniture and carpets, we use the most modern equipment with strong suction power. We also use the extraction liquid that is injected into the furniture, so that it drains all the impurities from the deepest layers of fabric. After cleaning and washing the couch or carpet, it takes only a few hours for it to dry and be ready to use again. 

By cleaning old furniture, save money for buying the new one.


1Couch cleaning: cleaning all upholstered seating areas prolongs their life span. You recently bought a couch and it is already dirty? Our deep cleaning gives the furniture the original freshness and splendor. The initial price of cleaning the couch is 200,00 kunas (the final price depends on the size of the couch itself).

2Carpet washing: the price of carpet washing is 25,00 kunas per square meter, and if the carpet is with fringes, the price is 35,00 kunas per square. For the initial price of carpet washing, we take a total dimension of 5 squares. You can deliver the carpet yourself and take it from Monday to Saturday. If you want us to collect and deliver your carpet, the cost of shipping depends on the distance of your location.

3Other furniture cleaning: mattress cleaning (100,00 kunas for one person, 180,00 kunas for two), kitchen chairs with armchair (35,00 kunas) or without armchair (20,00 kunas) etc.

For locations within 20 km from Zadar we don't charge transport cost, otherwise, it is 2,00 kunas per kilometer.

For extra information, feel free to contact us at any time! 

Let your furniture shine all the time!😊


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