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From the reservation to the final cleaning

If you are overwhelmed by your own obligations or for any reason you don't have time to deal with the guests and their demands,  and on the end, you want to benefit from your property, please feel free to call us. Our team combines top experts in marketing, tourism, construction, maintenance and also cleaning service.

In addition to all the above-mentioned services, we also provide the complete management of your apartments and villas in Zadar area. The apartment and villa management service forms a complete process, starting with the process of finding guests, cleaning service or, as the most complete service, the entire year maintenance of your property. We have many years of experience in managing apartments and villas, that is, communication with the guests and because of that we are ready to give your facility the widest recognition possible and as the final result, maximize your profit.


The cleaning service which offers safety, efficiency, and confidence

The process of care for guests and tourist facilities is divided into several phases. First and the most important one is finding the guests who will choose to spend their holidays in your accommodation. Furthermore, after the reservations, the guests need to be welcomed and offered a full service. Regarding the apartment or villa, after the guest's departure, it is essential to carefully clean the property in order for it to be ready to accept further visitors. During the period in which there are no tourists in the house, it is necessary to maintain the facility and the environment to be ready for the upcoming season. We approach every renter individually and according to his needs. Accordingly, the villa and apartment management service are divided into the following services:

1Bookings: includes promotion and reservation management on most popular web booking agencies, welcoming guests, accounting management, and registration of the guests via the e-visitor system. We also advise you on all technical and legal details. The price of the mentioned service is combined with the commission of 15% of the total price of the confirmed reservations.

2Cleaning service: the service includes cleaning of the apartments and villas upon departure, cleaning the pool twice a week, and washing and ironing of bed linen. New service in our offer is the pool cleaning with fully ecological means which meet the highest standards. The price of the apartment and villa cleaning depends on the size of the apartment or villa, while the price of pool cleaning depends on the size and frequency of the cleaning. The cost of washing and ironing of bed linen is 35 kN per person (includes a full bedding for one person as well as 3 towels.

3All-year real estate maintenance includes garden maintenance services, small repairs, furniture mending, mail delivery as well as monthly check ups.


High-quality marketing activities lead to higher profit!

The power of online marketing and social network grows day by day. This is particularly visible in the field of tourism, where almost everyone chooses and gets the information about various destinations through one of the previously mentioned media. Thus, if you want to achieve the greatest recognition of a tourist object possible, which will lead to a greater number of reservations and, in the end, higher profit, you need to use the marketing tools in the most efficient way. In our team, there are two young and experienced marketing experts who are willing to raise the popularity and distinctiveness of your facility to a higher level.


We run for you the profiles of the most popular social networks Facebook and Instagram. With the creative campaigns and effective advertising, we are reaching an increasing number of visitors.

We create Google ads, internet campaigns, create newsletters, respond to emails.

Leave your apartment or villa in our hands, get more money and enjoy the free time!😊

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Servis za čišćenje Zadarska županija (5)
Servis za čišćenje Zadarska županija (7)
Servis za čišćenje Zadarska županija
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