Laundry washing and ironing

When writing reviews guests comment on the cleanliness of the property and the comfort of the bed. Clean and neatly ironed bedding affects the first improssion of your guests. As it takes a long time for the renters to wash and iron the linen we have included this service in our exclusive offer for clients with a contractual obligation. 

Cleaning service Blistavi dom offers bed linen and laundry washing and ironing for all rental properties in the town of Zadar and other parts of Zadar County. If you rent a holiday home or apartment and due to your personal obligations don't have time and capacity to wash and iron bed linen, feel free to contact us. Save your time, money and energy.

Cleaning service which offers safety, efficacy, and trust

Blistavi dom employs several workers who are exclusively engaged in washing and ironing of bed linen and laundry during the summer months. We have a large capacity washing machine as well as several ironing machines. At any moment, we are able to deliver a large number of washed and ironed bed linen or laundry.

We treat each client individually, we wash and dry the sheets separately for each client, and then iron and line them neatly. Before new guests arrive, bedding is neatly laid out on the beds.

Blistavi dom gives you the extra service of washing and ironing the entire range before and after the rental season.

We take care of your curtains, rugs, bedspreads, tablecloths and pillows.

1Bedding washing: we use modern washing and drying appliances, and high-quality liquid detergents. Delivery and pick-up are free of charge if you are our regular client.

2Bedding ironing: we use the modern ironing machine which leaves your bedding without any folds. Our employees with many years of experience are the guarantee of quality and success. 

3Bedding rent: if you are renting and have a large number of accommodation capacities, we can provide you with a bed linen rental service. Always clean and tidy beddings are the guarantee of the guest's satisfaction.

Washing and ironing services for single bed set includes pillow case, lower drape, and overlay (90 X 200) and 3 towels (small, medium and large). Price per set is 35,00 kunas

Washing of laundry is charged 15 kunas per kilogram, while washing and ironing combined are charged 20 kunas per kilogram

Let us do the washing and ironing of your bed linen or laundry in a professional way. Our cleaning service guarantees clean and ironed bedding, without fear of replacing it with the bedding of other clients.

Let your guests have the perfect vacation in your property. 

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Servis za čišćenje Zadarska županija
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